Conference “Culture of peace: twenty years of heteromorphic debate” | 26 November | 9pm | Auditorium 3

26 Nov 2019 - 21:00

Twenty years mark the establishment of the system of formation of conscience for peace with the subsequent rupture of the paradigm centered in the tense duality that imposed to the peace the mere condition of phenomenon contrary to the war, to recognize it the condition of structuring element of the societies through the formation of a consciousness that goes beyond the individual and can be felt, in natural transposition, to society. Thus, in order for the date to be academically marked, it is proposed that this conference is in the process of taking Master's students, within the scope of the Scientific Research Methodology of Law, to practice on research allowing them to understand the most important competences of the researcher in Legal Sciences (observation, perception, argumentation, reasoning and conception), in addition to encouraging them to practice methods and techniques inherent to the methodological process -– in casu the technique of records applied to scientific discourses in oral law on a relevant topic for the Science that concerns us.



Maria Helena Lessa

Fagner Sandes



Alex Sander Xavier Pires



Department of Law