Conference “Domestic Violence, Homicide and the Impacts on Children and Youth” | 23 May | 18:30 | Auditorium 1

23 May 2019 - 18:00

Domestic violence interrupts lives, destroys families and impacts the lives of thousands of children in Portugal. Domestic violence, more specifically marital violence, is one of the leading causes of death and injury to women worldwide.

As is well known, some of the most extreme acts of violence and abuse that occur in the community take place within “family harmony” and children, marked by domestic violence, have been labeled “silent”, “forgotten”, “unintentional” victims. ”, 'invisible' and/or 'secondary' situations of domestic violence.

Without a timely and effective intervention, domestic violence can increase its severity, lead to serious aggressions and sometimes to the murder of the victim and professionals who accompany the case. For a more effective intervention it is essential that all system operators are actively involved in trying to mitigate the causes and effects of domestic violence.

This presentation will address the main factors behind high-risk cases, the impacts resulting from DV and the importance of the Retrospective Analysis of Homicide in Domestic Violence in this fight.



Antonio Castanho | Permanent Member of the Domestic Violence Homicide Retrospective Analysis Team



Department of Psychology