7 Apr 2022 - 18:30


As part of the curricular unit Environment and International Relations (2nd year, 1st cycle of International Relations), the open class on Collapsology and Environmental Education has Professor Michèle Sato, who will analyze the relationship between the pessimistic perspective of the evolution of the planet. This is a pessimistic interpretation that foresees the end of the world as a result of an overuse of nature, characteristic of economic models guided by productivist and consumerist logics. Safeguarding the planet is then reviewed in the strategy promoted at Eco92 in Rio de Janeiro through the implementation of Environmental Education programs.


Michele Sato (Federal University of Mato Grosso, Brazil)


  • Date: April 7th (Thursday) at 18:30;
  •  ZOOM ID: 408 201 2362

Department of International Relations