Digital Society Challenges for Democracy | 13 April | 18.30 | online

13 Apr 2021 - 18:30

"The digital society presents, like all human experience, ambivalent characteristics. On the side of risks, which order surveillance and control, new opportunities for growth arise, which deserve to be explored and valued. There are many challenges that open up and that must be embraced. The digital phenomenon has also reached very high levels of diffusion, with a persistent advance and an increasing involvement of people of different ages and belonging to different social and professional categories. The digital has revealed how much the digital society has become an evolutionary society, becoming a kind of new “de facto society”, with an inevitable and profound impact on individual and collective behavior. In democracy, this implies a change of mentalities and customs of vast proportions, in a true new way of being on the globe, with alteration of the traditional ways of living the relationship with others, with things and with time. Many and of different nature are the critical reflections raised in the last years by specialists of the most varied origins. This Conference will be another contribution to the discussion so that democracy, too, can adapt to new functionalities.