Chair of Luso-Brazilian History and Culture | 16 May | 18:30 | Auditorium 3

16 May 2019 - 18:00

In an unprecedented debate, the curator of the Pinacoteca de S. Paulo, Professor Valeria Piccoli, and the Director of the Department of History, Arts and Humanities, Professor Miguel Faria, will talk about the importance of works by French-speaking artists in a confrontation of genre painting between continents: Europe and South America, with Portugal and Brazil as protagonists, in the troubled period of the French invasions.


Jean-Baptiste Debret (1768-1858): Traveling artist in the Brazilian court of the Braganças

Prof. Doctor Valeria Piccoli


The other francophone mission: From Delerive to L'Évêque

Prof. Doctor Miguel Figueira de Faria




Department of History, Arts and Humanities