Korea and East Asia Chair “Meeting the Challenges of the Aging Society: the experiences of South Korea and Portugal” | 27 May | 3pm | Auditorium 1

27 May 2019 - 15:00

The Conference ”Meeting the Challenges of the Aging Society: the South Korea and Portugal experiences” will analyze the multidimensional implications of the aging society for the economy, political systems, social security, human rights on the one hand, and the public policy and civil society social responses to the emerging new challenges on the other. As Portugal and Korea are two of the most rapidly aging societies, the conference aims to compare their response strategies and identify good practices to be shared between policy-makers, the private sector and NGOs.


Chair | Professor Amado da Silva, Rector UAL


Sung-Jo Park | Professor Emeritus Free University of Berlin

Miguel Santos Neves | Professor UAL

João Peixoto | ISEG Professor

Claudia Pedra | Master, Stone Soup


Organization: Korea and East Asia Chair



Department of Law