Autonomous Arbitration Center brings more justice to Alcabideche

CAUAL signed a cooperation protocol with the Parish of Alcabideche with the aim of offering its customers more and better justice.
From now on, local residents can submit their disputes to the Arbitration Center as an alternative to court courts.
Neighborhood, family, consumer and labor conflicts, among others, are welcomed at CAUAL.
The main advantages of this service are speed in conflict resolution, low cost and a higher degree of satisfaction.
Conflicts will be resolved through alternative means of conflict resolution, such as mediation and conciliation.
Mediation will be assisted by conflict mediators certified by the Ministry of Justice.
CAUAL hereby makes a very special thanks to the President of the Parish Council of Alcabideche, Dr. José Filipe Ribeiro, who from the first moment wanted to offer the service to the population of Alcabideche, and this Parish was the first to join this pioneering project throughout Europe.
Alcabideche now has a true justice of proximity and its Parish Council contributes in this way to the greater well-being of its Parishioners and to the much-desired social peace.