The TUNA CAMONIANA “In Vino Veritas” of the Autonomous University of Lisbon “Luís Vaz de Camões”, was founded on January 21, 1992, in the “Adega Alcafache”.

The Great Poet Luís Vaz de Camões is taken all the time as a model of virtue following the maxim “Na Verve Virtuosos, Na Estroina Espantosos”.

Betting on an original repertoire, having academic life as an inspiring muse, a great dose of good mood and the most beautiful of cities, LISBON.

Tuna Camoniana currently has 3 record works. A CD entitled “In Vino Veritas” and a single CD, both composed only of originals, and a work on the Lusíadas, called “Epopeia”, in a thematic show aspect, with the participation of Fernando Tordo and Manuel Freire, as well as as well as other non-original songs but adequate to the idealized show.

Tuna Camoniana has, throughout its existence, performed countless times on television programs and, since then, has been sponsored by the Great Herman José.

He participated in numerous Festivals traveling Portugal, from North to South, East to West and also participating in a Tunas Festival in Concepción, Chile, having won, with his humble brilliance and contagious joy, countless awards.

It also has hundreds of shows throughout the country, including the islands, and abroad, including the RDP Internacional Christmas Gala in Luxembourg, the 1st part of Rui Veloso's show at the Forum Cap Magellan in Paris and the performance on Portugal's day at “Community Week”, an event organized by the European University Institute, in Florence.

Tuna Camoniana organizes the Festival CAMONIANO de Tunas, the maximum exponent of the spirit that reigns in our beloved academy. In its editions, figures such as the unforgettable Beatriz Costa, the master Carlos Paredes, the Great Diva of fado Amália Rodrigues, the unavoidable and adored Fernando Pessa, Ruy de Carvalho, Eunice Munoz, Raul Solnado, Fernando Tordo and Simone de Oliveira were honored. justly honored.