quality policy

The Administration of CEU, in close articulation with the Magnificent Rector, attentive to the interests of its students and the society in which they operate, undertakes to:

  1. Implement and periodically renew an adequate Strategic Plan, in the different levels of the UAL structure, embodied in a proactive institutional leadership;
  2. Maintain an attitude of permanent attention, encouragement and support for the Internal Quality Assurance System (SIGQ UAL), one of the fundamental pillars for the fulfillment of its Mission;
  3. Systematically integrate the needs and expectations of stakeholders (internal and external) that interact with UAL, with the main objective of obtaining high levels of satisfaction and functional harmony;
  4. Motivate and commit, through systematic participation, interested parties (internal and external) in the dynamization of SIGQ UAL;
  5. Ensuring the necessary conditions for the pursuit of the objectives defined in the SIGQ UAL, in particular those inherent in guaranteeing the quality and accreditation of study cycles, in accordance with the standards defined by the Higher Education Assessment and Accreditation Agency (A3ES);
  6. Develop and maintain a strategy for the continuous improvement of the quality of the training offer supported by an applied research practice and that enables a progressive level of competences for the provision of services of greater value with a view to the economic and social valorization of knowledge;
  7. Reinforce the conditions of support for an applied research policy and practice that will result in the production of the necessary knowledge, which, transferred, ensures innovation in the business and social fabrics, a process from which the return on investment must result;
  8. Ensure the fundamental support processes for greater equity in access and attendance to higher education;
  9. Ensuring proper dissemination and recognition of SIGQ UAL among its employees, clearly communicating its purpose, considering the centrality of students and ensuring the quality of teaching and its continuous improvement;
  10. Comply with all legal, regulatory and regulatory requirements.