Key information about Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa – UAL


Academic Calendar 2021-2022

Semester 1:

  • Start: 6 Oct. 2021
  • End: 22 Jan. 2021

1st Semester Exams:

  • Start: 7 Feb. 2022
  • End: 18 Mar. 2022

Semester 2:

  • Start: 21 Mar. 2022
  • End: 3 Jul. 2022

2nd Semester Exams:

  • Start: 5 Jul. 2022
  • End: 30 Jul. 2022

Language of Tuition: 

Portuguese classes: Yes. Two-week intensive course before the start of the first semester. One extensive course per semester (6 ECTS).

Deadline for nominations:

  • 31 May (for semester one and entire academic year);
  • 30 November for semester 2

Deadlines for receipt of applications: 

  • Semester 1 and entire academic year: 30 June
  • Semester 2: 30 December – There is some degree of flexibility, time and number of vacancies allowing.

Documents to send with the application form:
Learning agreement. Students can use their institution's form or UAL's (available on the website)

Assessment system:
ECTS and ECTS grades AE in addition to local grade 0-20 (pass mark: 10)

Grading system of the Autonomous University of Lisbon
Grades are awarded on a scale of 0 to twenty. Pass mark: 10


Portuguese Scale ECTS Scale Definition
18-20 THE excellent
16-17 B very good
14-15 Ç Good
12-13 D Satisfactory
10-11 AND enough
0-9 F fail


Facilities for disabled persons:
We can only offer limited individual support to students and staff with minor disabilities. Disabled students are welcome at the University but should bear in mind that Lisbon can be a challenging city for disabled people (mostly those using wheelchairs) as the pavements are often narrow, paved with uneven stone/cobble.

Using public transport can also be challenging.

Required for students coming from outside the European Union. For additional information please contact Erasmus+ | International Students Office –

Health Card:
Students are advised to have an international health card, which is available free of charge through students' local health authorities. The card ensures that students will get the same access to the public health care sector (eg a doctor, a pharmacy, a hospital or a healthcare center) as nationals of the country they are visiting/studying.

Additional information see: 
Students coming from outside Europe are required to have a health insurance policy for the duration of their stay.

International students are covered by the university student insurance while at UAL.

Prior to arrival:
Prior to arrival, students should contact the International/Erasmus+ Office ( to inform of their planned date of arrival, and to arrange an appointment to sort out enrollment procedures, etc.

When to arrive:
Students are advised to arrive at least a week before courses start, to allow time to settle in, know their way about the university and to fulfill enrollment procedures. It is also recommended that they sort out accommodation before they arrive, as it can be difficult to find last-minute student accommodation.

Faculty location and addresses:
The following departments/courses are located at the University's headquarters Palácio dos Condes de Redondo, Rua de Santa Marta, 56, 1169-023 Lisbon. The Erasmus office is on the same street, number 47, 1st floor, room 112.

  • Law, Management Studies, Economics, Computing, Psychology, International Relations, History, and Media Studies:
    • Nearest Tube StationMarquis of Pombal or Avenue
  • Architecture is located in:
    • Rua Particular to Rua Saraiva de Carvalho, no. 207 – 1350, Lisbon,
      • Tel. 213964502
      • Fax: 213954439
    • Nearest Tube StationMouse
    • buses: 709-718-774
    • trams: 25E-28E

Additional information:
Incoming students will receive a welcome pack with information about Lisbon, travel card, a cell phone card.

free movers

We accept a limited number of free movers. Each application is evaluated on a case by case basis. For more information, please send an email to

Useful contacts: