Academic Association

AAUAL is responsible for representing thousands of undergraduate, postgraduate, master's and doctoral students, with very different ideas and cultural and social spaces, which means a high responsibility. But it also means a great challenge.

A personal challenge for each member of this association, but above all a collective challenge. A collective challenge of a group that is more than a set of university colleagues, AAUAL is a representation of the plurality of our University and it is on this plurality that we intend to base our actions. Communicate, listen and inform students. AAUAL needs everyone's intervention and only through contact with its students, AAUAL will be able to develop efforts to make UAL a better place.

Communicating represents for us a breaking of borders, a creation and bidirectional exchange of ideas between the association and its students. Delivery, will, integrity and persistence. Change. New elements, new ideas, new breaths of fresh air.

With this apparent paradox, AAUAL intends to give more, to do better! You are a part of AAUAL … and we want AAUAL to be a part of you… We count on you to make our challenges yours!


President AAUAL:
Diogo Maltez