The Autónoma

The Autonomous University of Lisbon (UAL), created by the Cooperativa de Ensino Universitário (CEU) on December 13, 1985, is the oldest private university in the country.

On the way to four decades of experience, UAL has already trained thousands of senior managers in Portugal and abroad. With a teaching staff of excellence and a wide range of training courses consisting of degrees, masters and doctorates, in the most varied areas of knowledge, UAL is an unavoidable reality in Higher Education.

Autónoma assumes itself as an example of the capacity for initiative and entrepreneurship, which from the outset wanted to innovate by conveying new concepts in pedagogy, research and in the connection with the economic and labor world.

Located in the heart of Lisbon, on Rua de Santa Marta, next to the Marquês de Pombal, throughout its existence Autónoma has diversified its teaching, implementing new subjects, methods and study plans in the degrees, providing an evident expansion of competences. And in parallel providing other training, especially postgraduate courses, several of them pioneering, masters and doctorates.



UAL, as a higher education institution, aims at the high level qualification of its students, their cultural, artistic, technological and scientific training, in a national and international frame of reference.

UAL values the activity of its researchers, teachers, students and workers, stimulating their intellectual and professional training and also ensures the conditions for all citizens, duly qualified, to have access to higher education and lifelong learning, in accordance with the legislation in force.

UAL promotes and organizes actions to support and disseminate humanistic, artistic, scientific and technological culture, with a view to its public understanding.

Within the framework of established legality, UAL is governed by the principles of academic, cultural, scientific and pedagogical autonomy and the participation of teachers and students in its academic management.

UAL pursues the human and social enrichment of its community, within a framework of humanist, personalist values, tolerance, internal and international cooperation and respect for human rights.


UAL, as a center for the creation, transmission, criticism and dissemination of culture, science and technology, and through the articulation of study, teaching and research, continues its activity subordinated to the values of freedom and democracy and the spirit of cooperation. among all its organs.

The UAL aims, in particular:

Human, cultural, scientific and technical training;

The creation of the appropriate educational environment for its purposes;

Conducting research and supporting and participating in scientific institutions;

The transfer and economic valorization of scientific and technological knowledge;

Carrying out professional training and knowledge updating actions;

The provision of community services and development support;

Cooperation and cultural, scientific and technical exchange with similar national and foreign institutions;

Contribution, within its scope of activity, to international cooperation and bringing all peoples together, with special emphasis on Portuguese-speaking countries;

The production and dissemination of knowledge and culture;

Under the terms of the law, UAL is also responsible for granting academic degrees and equivalence and their recognition.


The Brand

The Autonomous University of Lisbon, since 1985, has asserted its insignia, as a benchmark in the Higher Education panorama in Portugal, in a different way.

Throughout its vast years of existence, it has projected a solid image among the academic, scientific and business community, using a chromatic standard adapted to the communication needs of the new times.

The UAL logo requires its correct use, as a representative guarantee of the University's values and mission. From digital to physical supports of various formats, the insignia presents adaptable versions aimed at its perfect visual reading.

Autónoma makes its kit of standards and logo available for download here.

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