Application Guide
1. Introduction

This guide, in line with the General Regulation for Masters and Doctorates of the Autonomous University of Lisbon (nº 564/2019), establishes the rules and criteria for applying for the 3rd edition of the PhD in Media and Society in the Community Context of Portuguese-speaking Countries.


2 – Who can apply?

a) Holders of a master's degree or legal equivalent in Communication Sciences or any area of Social Sciences and Humanities/Letters.

b) Holders of a bachelor's degree with a particularly relevant academic and scientific curriculum that is recognized by the Scientific Council, in a reasoned opinion, as attesting to the ability to carry out this cycle of studies; Exceptionally, holders of a bachelor's degree or legal equivalent will be admitted, with recognized curricular or scientific merits that are recognized by the study cycle committee and subsequently validated by the Scientific Council.

c) Holders of an academic, scientific and professional curriculum that is recognized by the Scientific Council, in a reasoned opinion, as attesting to the ability to carry out this cycle of studies.


3 - General Objectives
  • Develop rigorous skills in academic thinking and production.
  • Discuss from a critical perspective the historiographical currents that interpret Portuguese colonialism and later conceptions of postcolonialism.
  • Foster a multidimensional knowledge of the countries that make up the CPLP universe, specifically deepening the social, economic, political and media understanding of each of the realities under study.
  • Understand the role of States, formal Organizations and Civil Society in shaping the project of the community of Portuguese-speaking countries.
  • Insert the participants into the academic networks and projects that are involved in this third cycle proposal, in partnership with our African (UNI-CV and UEM) and Brazilian (PUC-SP) counterparts.


4 - Vacancies

20 vacancies


6 - Documents

a) Academic history (certificates proving academic qualifications)

b) Detailed Europass Curriculum Vitae6 (covering the following fields; academic training, professional training, academic publications, participation in scientific events, research experience)

c) Letter of motivation, where the intentions to attend the study program in Media and Society in the Context of the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries must be presented.


8 - Application deadline

Between July 25th and September 5th, 2022


9 - Scholarships

The first four classified in the ranking process will be awarded a scholarship in accordance with the current regulations.


10 - Results

The provisional ranking list of candidates will be published on the PhD institutional page and communicated to each candidate by email on September 15, 2022.