2nd Edition of the African Culture Fair | 24 May | 3pm | Auditorium 1

24 May 2019 - 15:00

Demonstration of African cuisine, fashion, literature, music, dance, art, among other experiences.

Rescue of African Educational Principles

11 am | Opening of the Arts exhibition and the collection table for donations (school and clothing) for Mozambique
2:30 pm | Reception of guests
15:05 | cultural moment
3:20 pm | Presentation of the table and guests
15:25 | Intervention by the Rector of the Autonomous University of Lisbon, Professor José Amado da Silva
3:35 pm | Entities Intervention
3:45 pm | Lecture
3:50 pm | Moderator: Professor Dr. Esmeraldo de Azevedo
4 pm | Speaker: Dr. Manuel Santos, Sociologist
16:15 | Speaker: Dr. Pedro Calado, Self-Commissioner for Emigration
16:25 | Speaker: Dr. Backar Sanhã, Diplomat from Guinea-Bissau
16:55 | Official opening of the African Cultural and Gastronomic Exhibition
17h | African costume parade
17:20 | cultural moment
17:30 | coffee break
6 pm | Closing


Autonomous University of Lisbon (UAL)
UAL Academic Association
UAL African Students Association
Nucleus of African Students at Universidade Lusófona
Star Association of Lusophony
Cape Verdean Students Union of Lisbon

Angola house
Group of Schools Miradouro de Alfazina, Monte da Caparica
CE-CPLP Business Guide Specialized Commission