3 Nov 2022 - 09:00

This colloquium takes place within the framework of the commemorations of the bicentennial of the independence of Brazil and aims to promote a debate guided by broader geographical and chronological references, as it seeks to cover the historical relations between the Ibero-American countries in the context of independence until the actuality.




  • 9:00 am: Opening session
  • José Amado Silva (Rector of UAL)
    Luis Tomé (Director of the Department of International Relations
    from UAL)
    Frédéric Vidal (Director of the Department of History, Arts,
    UAL Humanities)
    Raimundo Carreira Silva (Ambassador of Brazil to Portugal)


  • 9:30 am: COnference: “Spanish-Portuguese Relations in the Americas Before Independence”
  • José Manuel Santos (University of Salamanca)


  •  10:00 am: “The independence of Brazil and the Spanish-American territories in a comparative perspective”
  • Moderator: Miguel Figueira Faria (UAL)
    João Paulo Garrido Pimenta (University of São Paulo)
    Frigdiano Álvaro Durántez (Universidad Europea del
    Roberta Stumpf (UAL)


  •  11:15 am: Debate


  • 11:130 am: “International relations in the context of Ibero-American independences”
  • Moderator: Luis Tomé (Director of the Department of International Relations at UAL)
    Nuno Canas Mendes (University of Lisbon)
    Nuno Monteiro (University of Lisbon)
    Nancy Gomes (UAL)
  •  12:45 pm: Debate
  •  13:00: Lunch break


  •  14:30: the international insertion of Brazil (19th and 20th centuries)
  • Moderator: Filipe Vasconcelos Romão (UAL)
    Francisco Ribeiro Telles (Coordinator in Portugal of
    200th anniversary celebrations)
    Raquel Patricio (University of Lisbon)
    Carmen Fonseca (New University of Lisbon)
    Daniel Cardoso (UAL)
  •  16:00: Debate
  •  4:15 pm: Coffee break


  •  16:30: Conference: “Brazil as an international actor in the 21st century”
  • Thiago Gehre Galvão (University of Brasilia)


  • 17:00: Closing Session
  • Reginaldo de Almeida (CEU-UAL Administrator)
    Ana Paula Laborinho (OEI Director in Portugal)
    João Gomes Cravinho (Minister of Foreign Affairs of
    *to confirm


Department of International Relations