Application Guide
1. Introduction

The Candidature Guide presents the rules necessary for applicants to apply for one of the three PhD grants of the Department in History, Arts and Humanities (DHAH) of the Autonomous University of Lisbon (UAL).


2 – Who can apply?


3 - Objectives

Doctoral scholarship holders will be exclusively, as doctoral students, and must:

  • Complete the curricular training within 1 year;
  • Defend a research project in the 3rd semester;
  • Deliver your completed thesis at the end of the 6th semester;
  • Have regular meetings with your advisor and deliver reports in accordance with his/her guidelines;
  • Actively collaborate in the R&D activities carried out within the scope of UAL's DHAH.


4 - Duration of Scholarships

The duration of PhD research grants is annual, renewable for a maximum of three consecutive years. The annual renewal of PhD scholarships is subject to the evaluation of a report delivered by the scholarship holder with the activities carried out every six months.


5 – Application support documents
  • Research project of about five pages (including summary, objectives, methodology, sources and about 10 bibliographical references);
  • Copy of identification document;
  • Qualification certificates;
  • Curriculum vitae;
  • Presentation letter;
  • Recommendation letters (optional).

Applications are submitted electronically and must be delivered to the electronic address:


6 – Evaluation of the application

The evaluation process is carried out through the analysis of the following items, with their respective weights:

  • research project (45 %)
  • curriculum vitae (40%)
  • cover letter (15%)

In a second phase, it may be necessary to carry out interviews, in person or via zoom.


7 – Deadline for application

The deadline for applying for a PhD scholarship will run from December 19, 2022 to February 17, 2023.


8 - Jury

The jury is composed of the following elements:

Professor Frédéric Vidal (President)

Professor Doctor Miguel Figueira de Faria

Professor Dr Roberta Stumpf

Professor Doctor Adolfo Silveira Martins

Professor Isabel Carvalho Homem


The Jury may request opinions from the members of the Scientific Committee of the DHAH depending on the candidate's areas of expertise.


9 - Results

The result of the contest will be published in the site of the Department of History, Arts and Humanity of the Autonomous University of Lisbon, until March 11, 2023.