15 Nov 2022 - 14:00

Auditorium 1

The most significant feature of the long-standing relations between Türkiye and the EU is their up-and-down nature from the start and the parties’ commitment to maintaining the relationship within the context of a membership perspective despite sporadic crises.

Türkiye’s top strategic objective still is to become a member of the EU, despite the challenges in the negotiating process.

Türkiye is still formally a candidate for accession. It plays a significant role in the EU’s external relations as a neighbouring state that engages heavily in surrounding countries in issues like energy, security, trade, and migration.

The recent Russian invasion of Ukraine sent shockwaves across the European security system and highlighted Türkiye’s position as a mediator. Additionally, the resuscitation of the enlargement process brought about by Ukraine’s EU candidacy raised concerns about the future of the EU’s borders among the other candidate states. Regardless of the possibility of membership, the parties should work more closely to coordinate their efforts due to their strong economic and commercial links and Türkiye’s contribution to European security.

This presentation aims to examine the potential for increased cooperation between Türkiye and the EU following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.



Ozgur Tufekci

Karadeniz Technical University, Turkey & CESRAN


Departamento de Relações Internacionais