24 Mai 2022 - 10:00

Auditório 1


Bitcoin is the oldest and best-known cryptocurrency, being decentralized, secure, and allowing peer-to-peer transactions. This webinar covers cryptocurrencies as well as Blockchain. With a view to the massive use of Blockchain technology in other areas of activity, such as insurance, aviation, Web 3.0, or even as a computer protection mechanism, a discussion about this technology is made, identifying its operating mechanisms and differences from the traditional centralized approach. This conference also presents the cryptographic mechanisms used by Blockchain, as well as the various types of validation.



Mário Marques da Silva

João Duque

Nuno Almeida

Ionut Stoica


  • Date: 24 may (Tuesday), 10H00 (Lisbon Time), 11H00 (Central European Time)
  • Online conference


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