Publications Office (EdiUAL)

With more than thirty years of activity, the Editorial Services of the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa guarantee an editorial seal of prestige and notoriety.

Editorial Services – EdiUAL

Editorial Services have been an essential part of promoting the research results of the UAL community for over 30 years.


Autónoma's editorial tradition has always followed the University's path. Editions with the EdiUAL seal contain diverse and disparate themes, in a unique qualitative and quantitative scope, both in the field of monographs and in periodical publications, as a result of the joint performance of the different Departments, professors and researchers.

First with paper editions, when there was only a logic of printed support, later moving to a digital paradigm, UAL is in line with the Open Access goals, stimulated by the FCT since 2014, and reinforced with the Plan S, promoted by Science Europe.

Structurally renewed, it has editions in the digital universe assuming, more than the dematerialization of the support, the sharing of contents, accessible through Camões, Institutional Repository of the UAL, the pages of the research centers, as well as the websites of periodicals: e-Journal of International Relations, Janus Yearbook, Galileo: Journal of Law and Economics, Psyche, Previous study and European Review of Business Economics.


Author support

UAL's Editorial Services facilitate scientific publishing, provide support to authors on best publishing practices in the community to which they belong, and can act as intermediaries between authors and commercial publishers, if publishing in paper format is intended.

UAL's digital editions have ISBN /ISSN and are valued by persistent indicators, Handle and DOI, Digital Object Identifier.

Publications are marked with Creative Commons licenses, which protect copyright, allowing for sharing.


Document submission process

Proposals must be sent to Editorial Services for

The editorial policy emphasizes the non-publication of texts that are already available, in paper or online. This verification is carried out using a computer medium.

The proposal must include:

title suggestion,

Scientific area,

Author(s), with their affiliation

Scientific coordination, when applicable


Investigation Center.

The type of publication must be indicated: monograph, scientific meeting minutes, essay, chronicles, speeches, among others (Master's Dissertations and Doctoral Theses are already available online at Camões, Institutional Repository from the Autonomous University of Lisbon).


The proposal will be analyzed internally and a response will be given within two weeks:

  • On whether or not to accept the proposal. The negative answer will be justified.
  • On the need for revision, the responsibility of the tenderer.
  • About the suitability of the title, suggestions being given when deemed necessary.
  • Regarding deadlines, never less than three months, counting from the delivery of the document already revised, and according to the practical instructions indicated below.


The acceptance of these conditions presupposes the passage to the next phase, the pagination.

Depending on the size of the document, number of chapters, graphics, images, tables, graphics, among others, pagination can take more or less time.

Once the pagination is finished, the document is returned to the proponent for a final review, allowing for correction of mistakes and small adjustments, without substantial modifications.

After it has been returned and the corrections to be made have been introduced, it is sent back to the tenderer for final approval.

In the case of collective works, contact is made between the Editorial Services and one of the coordinators, to be designated by the coordination of the work.

The cover is discussed between the proponents and the Editorial Services, the latter being responsible for the final decision in case there is no unanimity.

Proposals in scientific areas with an existing collection have a cover with the respective model.


practical information

The author or coordinator sends to the Editorial Services, in a timely manner:


Dates of receipt and acceptance of texts by the coordination (if applicable)

Abstracts (PT-EN) (If applicable)


Preface, if applicable

Biographical notes of the author(s), (up to 10 lines) indicating ORCID and/or Ciência Vitae.

Text files in editable format (word).

Images in a separate file, with a minimum of 300DPI, where they are numbered in the order they appear in the text (fig. 1, 2, 3…)

List of image captions, associating a number with a caption (if the image, or any other material, does not belong to the author, it is mandatory to mention sources and credits).

Tables, graphs and other similar elements in their editable formats (word, excel, illustrator, …)

Information to appear on the back cover.


The images are located in the text with the following mention – (Insert Fig. X)

Whenever there is room for translations of excerpts, it must be indicated in a note (our translation).

In the case of collective works, the whole must reflect only one bibliographic standard (NP 405, APA, IEEE, Chicago, …).

All mentioned links are checked in pagination, which is why bibliographies do not indicate the date of access. This is indicated in a note, globally, by the Editorial Services.

All technical aspects not mentioned here can be clarified and shared with the authors.




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