School Social Action Service (SASE)

The School Social Action Service has the mission of attributing social benefits and incentives to the training of students, through the application of the social action regulation and the regulation of scholarships and merit scholarships, and the management of the protocols established with various entities , so that no student is excluded from higher education due to financial incapacity.

Main Social Support

• Reduction of tuition fees, fees and other benefits within the scope of the Regulation of the Autonomous University of Lisbon
• Scholarships from DGES – General Directorate of Higher Education
• Merit Scholarship
• Financing of tuition fees under the Agreement with Santander Universities

Table of Social Benefits and other tuition fee reductions approved by the instituting Entity of the Autonomous University for the academic year 2019/2020

Other Social Benefits

Reduction of Tuition Fees to economically disadvantaged students, provided that they have previously applied for DGES scholarships, and have not been covered, to students from the PALOPS and to students whose socio-economic situation changes throughout the school year.

Application deadlines:
Students from the PALOPS
• 15 days after the act of registration

(students who applied for the DGES scholarship and did not receive support)
• 15 days after publication of the result

Table applied by UAL's SASE:

Lower than IAS 50% (€421.32) – Unclarified economic situation
from 50% to 75% of the IAS (€421.32) – 20%
from 75% to the limit of IAS – 10%