POETRY CLUB by Autónoma

25 Nov 2023 - 10:00

room 27

“The Poetry Club consists of a movement/community that crosses two worlds: Poetry and Mental Health. It is based on the motto “We all have a little bit of a poet and a madman”. Maxim born from the desire to encourage freedom of personal expression.
At a time when mental health is increasingly valued, The Poetry Club arises in the sense of, through creative writing, favoring the expression of subjectivity.
We distance erudition from poetic construction, and approach the freedom to create from what we are. Because we are all authors… of our own life!

Once a month, we will meet and deconstruct topics such as: the Love, The Friendship and the Loneliness. In an atmosphere of unconditional, positive, authentic acceptance that celebrates the individual voice of each one of us.*

If you like to write, read or share beautiful phrases on social networks with the intention of touching hearts, this club is for you!”.

João Mota


*Registrations limited to 15 people per session.



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