The ERASMUS+ and International Mobilities Office coordinates international mobility programs and networks for students, faculty and staff through the ERASMUS+ PROGRAM and protocols with universities outside Europe (EXTRA-EUROPEAN MOBILITY)

The aim is to provide our students with the opportunity to study one semester at international partner universities and benefit from a multicultural environment. The same applies to our faculty and staff, as the Erasmus+ program also includes support for mobility through the attribution of grants for short-term teaching or training missions at universities with which UAL has protocols. The international experience of our students is supported by both the National Agency and UAL. Mobility students have the possibility of receiving a monthly grant whose value varies depending on the country (see section on Grants), they do not pay tuition fees at the host universities and obtain a reduction of 50% on the tuition fees they continue to pay at UAL*. Students who go on extra-European mobility do not receive a scholarship because it is an extra Erasmus+ mobility, but have a reduction of 75% in the payment of tuition fees at UAL*.

The GMEI also supports the organization of international conferences and coordinates UAL's involvement in various international networks.

*Except for students benefiting from UAL promotional campaigns


Autonomous distinguished with the Erasmus+ Best Practices Award 2019

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ERASMUS+ and International Mobility Office

responsible: Carolina Peralta and João Azevedo
Adress: Rua de Santa Marta, 56G, Gabinete 10, 1169-023 LISBON
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