Cycle of Conferences and Open Classes “Sub-Saharan Africa” | 12 May and 7 July | CANCELED

7 Jul 2020 - 18:30

The cycle of open classes is part of the Advanced Course of Studies on sub-Saharan Africa that the Department of International Relations of the Autonomous University of Lisbon (UAL) and the Institute of National Defense (IDN) promote, in partnership. Bringing together a renowned group of specialists, this course aims, among others, to: a) Know and understand the specificities of Sub-Saharan Africa; b) Study and understand the processes of regional and sub-regional International Relations; c) Identify, study and understand the areas of conflict in the region. The Course takes place between April 14 and July 7, 2020, and is aimed at students from the various cycles of Higher Education; elements of the Armed Forces and Security Forces and Services; Public Administration staff; senior staff and technicians from City Councils; companies oriented towards internationalization, consulting and risk analysis; journalists.

pre-registration mandatory, with an express indication of the session(s) you wish to attend, to:


12 MAY
6:30 pm

Conflict management and prevention. ECOWAS Experiences as a Regional Actor
Prof. Jara Cuadrado – University of Valladolid


6:30 pm

The role of African development cooperation
Prof. Carlos Sangreman – Center for Studies on Africa, Asia and Latin America (CESA) at ISEG, University of Lisbon



Department of International Relations