extra-european mobility



2023-2024 school year

    Extra-European Mobility Program
    All UAL students are informed that applications for mobility for studies at universities outside Europe are open for the academic year 2022-2023.

    This mobility program is not funded. However, students who are accepted into an extra-European mobility programme, and are not currently benefiting from a tuition discount campaign, will enjoy a 75% discount on tuition fees.

    Dates for submission/delivery of applications in this office
    • 30th of October for mobility in the 1st Semester and 30th of March for mobility in the 2nd Semester
    Heads up: The 1st semester in Brazil starts between February and March and the 2nd semester starts in August!
    Documentation required
    For consultation and help filling out:
    Mandatory documents
    • Candidacy form Internal (to be sent/delivered to this office by March 29)
    • Syllabus (to be delivered to this office after the selection of candidates is known, and prepared with the knowledge/help of the Erasmus+ coordinators of each department)
    Students should consult the teachers responsible for the Erasmus+ program in the respective departments (advice and help in the preparation of study plans).
    The plans include the curricular units that students will study at the host universities, as well as the corresponding curricular units at the Autonomous Region, and must be signed by the heads of the departments concerned, before the start of the mobility. Thus, equivalences are guaranteed before the start of mobility.
    The selected candidates will be informed by email so that they can start the mobility process (preparation of the Study Plan, passport and visa application, health insurance, possible payment of administrative fees at the host university, among others).
    Appointments by email only
    For clarification of doubts/additional information and submission of application documentation, contact:
    Carolina Peralta and João Azevedo.
    ERASMUS+ and International Mobility Office
    Adress: Rua de Santa Marta, 56G, Gabinete 10, 1169-023 LISBON
    Email: erasmus@autonoma.ptcperalta@autonoma.pt|jazevedo@autonoma.pt
    Phone: +351 21 317 76 32; +351 91 560 03 56
    Extra-European Mobility Program
    Applications are now open to students from extra-European universities who want to come and study in Autónoma under a cooperation protocol between their university and Autónoma.
    Heads up: The 1st semester in Portugal starts in October and the 2nd semester starts between February and March!
    Selected students must be nominated by their home universities. Nominations must indicate the student's name, field of study, degree (e.g. bachelor's, master's), passport number and validity, duration (1 or 2 semesters) and mobility dates (1st or 2nd semester) and must be sent to erasmus@autonoma.pt

    Deadline for nominations
    • 1st Semester and Full Academic Year: May 31
    • 2nd Semester: November 30
    Deadline for receiving applications
    • 1st Semester and Full Academic Year: June 30
    • 2nd Semester: December 30
    Documents to be sent by students (Application)
    • Candidacy form
    • Syllabus (Study plans must be signed by the study coordinator of the home university and bear the stamp of the ERASMUS+ and International Mobility Department or Office).
    Minimum number of credits
    The minimum number of ECTS credits per semester is 25 and the maximum is 30 per semester.
    School Calendar 2021-2022

    1st SEMESTER

    • Start: 6 october
    • The end: 22 January

    2nd SEMESTER

    • Start: March 21
    • The end: 3 June
    exam season

    1st SEMESTER

    • Start: 7 February
    • The end: March 19

    2nd SEMESTER

    • Start: 5 June
    • The end: 31 July
    Evaluation system
    ECTS and European AE grading in addition to the Portuguese 0-20 grading system (passing grade: 10)
    Measures of Covid-19:

    It is mandatory to present a test with a certified negative result for all flights arriving in Portugal (even for those who have a vaccination certificate).

    – For PCR tests: they must be performed within 72 hours before departure;

    – For antigen tests (laboratory): they must be carried out within 48 hours before boarding.

    For more information: https://www.visitportugal.com/pt-pt/content/covid-19-medidas-implementadas-em-portugal

    We also remind you that it is necessary to have a health insurance that covers the entire stay at the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa.
    Mandatory for students coming from countries outside the European Union.
    After receiving the nominations from the selected students, the Autonomous ERASMUS+ and International Mobility Office issues a letter of acceptance, which it sends to the students so that they can apply for a visa with the Portuguese Embassy or Consulate in the respective countries.
    For more information, contact the ERASMUS+ and International Mobility Office: erasmus@autonoma.pt
    Health Card
    Students coming from countries outside the European Union must take out a Health Insurance, in their respective countries, covering the entire stay at the Autonomous University.
    As students at Autónoma, students will be covered by Student Insurance.
    You can find accommodation suggestions on here.
    Autonomous location
    • Autonomous University of Lisbon (headquarters)
    • Palace of the Counts of Redondo
    • Rua de Santa Marta, 56,
    • 1169-023 Lisbon
    • Nearest Metro Station: Marquês de Pombal or Avenida
    Classes for the following degrees and masters are held here: Law, Management, Economics, Computer Engineering, Psychology, International Relations, History and Communication Sciences.
    The Department of Architecture is headquartered in
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    • 1350 Lisbon
    • Nearest Metro Station: Rato
    • Buses: 709-718-774
    • Electrical: 25E-28E
    Appointments by email only

    Address and contacts of the ERASMUS+ and International Mobility Office
    Carolina Peralta and João Azevedo
    ERASMUS+ and International Mobility Office
    Adress: Rua de Santa Marta, 56G, Gabinete 10, 1169-023 LISBON
    Email: erasmus@autonoma.pt
    Tel.: +351 21 317 76 32; +351 91 560 03 56