Conference “Social support and health: from (good) intentions to consequences” | 16 January | 18:30 | Auditorium 1

16 Jan 2020 - 18:30

Social relationships have long been understood as a source of social support and a resource for adapting to the disease and promoting health. However, the proliferation of empirical evidence has also brought the need for systematization and clarification from a conceptual and methodological point of view. Simultaneously, from a practical point of view, the interest and relevance of understanding, and empowering, caregivers to provide quality care leads us to look at social support as a dynamic and dialectical process between the person providing care and the person. that is taken care of. With this conference it is intended to systematize concepts but also to approach the howwhy and When of social support.



Professor Doctor Marta Matos
Integrated Researcher at CIS-IUL and Invited Assistant Professor at ISCTE-IUL. She is a clinical and health psychologist passionate about the influence of social relationships on health. She started her career (2007) in community contexts with elderly populations and during her Masters (2010) and PhD (2016) at ISCTE-IUL, she focused on the role of social support of formal caregivers in the experiences of chronic pain of elderly people.

Current research interests are linked to the role of interpersonal dimensions in (1) adjustment to chronic illness (eg, chronic pain, diabetes); and (2) as resources in promoting health and well-being (eg, health literacy, eating behavior, healthy aging).

Overall, his research is motivated by an interest in translating evidence-based knowledge into practice, with a solid theoretical framework, aiming at contributions to the field of health psychology and for the benefit of communities. His research work has been supported and recognized by institutions that focus on pain research, notably through a fellowship for advanced pain training (ASTOR 2014) and a clinical pain research award (Grünenthal Foundation 2016). She is associate editor of “Psychology, Community & Health”.



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