2 May 2023 - 18:30

New projects drive organizations and the economy to evolve, being agents of change and contributing to innovation. Recent studies prove that innovative organizations, which prioritize digital skills and knowledge, will be more successful in their projects. Digital technologies, seen from the perspective of the fourth industrial revolution, are contributing to innovation in a globalized and increasingly complex world. Given our planet's current reality, more significant concerns with sustainability are emerging. In this context, innovation with the use of digital technologies across all organizational activities and in the development of sustainable projects should contribute to ensuring a better world for future generations.



António Cabeças

PhD in Economics

Associate Professor at UAL



Jorge Portugal

PhD Mechanical Engineering

COTEC General Manager


Miguel Carvalho e Melo

GPM Global Director of Innovation

Founding Partner of Pomegranate


Joel Carboni

PhD in Sustainable Development and Environment

GPM Global President

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