Technological Specialization Course Holders

Enroll in Degree | Applications 2023/2024

Application | 1st phase

From March 15th to May 19th, 2023


Who can apply?

Candidates who cumulatively meet the following conditions can apply for a particular 1st cycle or Integrated Master's course at UAL:

  • Hold a technological specialization technician diploma
  • Have completed the entrance exams required by UAL for the cycle of studies you intend to enter and have obtained a rating equal to or greater than 95 points on the scale from 0 to 200 in these exams.
  • not be covered by international student status.
Mandatory Access Document
  • Certificate of Completion of the Technological Specialization Course, with the respective average;
  • Enes Form or Document proving the classification obtained in the national secondary education exams corresponding to the entrance exams established for the study cycle for which the candidate is applying;
  • Photocopy of the Identification Document;
  • Photocopy of the Tax Identification Card.

Documents submitted by candidates from foreign higher education establishments must be duly signed by the Educational Institution and recognized by the Portuguese diplomatic or consular representation in that country and translated

The lack of any of the documents required for the instruction of the process will be a reason for rejections due to incomplete instruction.


Training carried out within the scope of other cycles of higher studies granting degrees in national or foreign higher education establishments can be credited, either that obtained within the framework of the organization resulting from the Bologna Process, or that obtained previously.

Academic Credits
  • Application for accreditation of academic skills addressed to the President of the Scientific Council;
  • Table for requesting accreditation of Curricular Units;
  • Syllabus and Hours;
  • Certificate of qualifications of the curricular units in which you obtained approval, indicating the regime (semestral or annual) and UC/ECTS number.

See here the requirement for requesting academic credits.

Professional Experience Accreditation
  • Application addressed to the President of the Scientific Council requesting recognition of professional experience, training obtained within the scope of technological or other specialization courses, for the purpose of continuing studies in a duly identified cycle;
  • Table for requesting accreditation of Curricular Units;
  • Curriculum Vitae prepared in accordance with the European model, with a detailed description of the functions performed, training within the scope of technological specialization courses or other, obtained by the candidate;
  • Statement of proof, issued by the competent authorities, indicating the functions performed, the duration of the same and that makes a qualitative and/or quantitative assessment of the candidate's performance;
  • Authenticated certificates of academic qualifications or other training obtained by the candidate;
  • Reference letters for the evaluation of the application;
  • Other elements considered relevant, namely studies, reports or projects carried out by the candidate.

See here the requirement for requesting professional credits.

Table for requesting credits for Curricular Units


Decree-Law No. 113/2014, of July 16, 2014 which regulates special competitions for access and admission to higher education.


Exclusion of candidates

Candidates who:

  1. They have not filled out their application form correctly, either because they omit some element, or because they indicate others that do not correspond to those contained in the documents delivered;
  2. Do not meet the conditions to submit to the competition;
  3. Have not completed the instruction of the respective processes within the due time;
  4. Make false statements.

Note: The application fee will not be refunded if the candidate is not selected.

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Updated on 03/24/2023