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Application | 1st phase

De 15 Março a 19 de Maio de 2023


Who can apply?

In each academic year, the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa, Luís de Camões, provides the regime for the attendance of isolated curricular units, included in the study plans of its undergraduate, master's and doctoral study cycles.

Students admitted to the frequency of isolated curricular units are subject to the rules of operation of the same, being able to choose whether or not to implement the assessment regime.

The admission of enrollment in individual curricular units is carried out in the order of entry of the application processes, with applications for enrollment after the deadline being rejected, or when the maximum number of vacancies fixed for the curricular units of a course has been reached.

Limit for enrollment and crediting in Isolated Curricular Units

In undergraduate courses, enrollment in an assessment regime, regardless of approval, is subject to a maximum number of 60 credits accumulated throughout the student's academic career.

For this purpose, the set of enrollments in curricular units of the same cycle of studies of the same educational institution is considered as an academic path, regardless of the operating regime.

In the case of Masters and Doctoral programs, dissertation/internship report/project work/thesis/thesis seminar are not eligible.

The attendance of isolated curricular units, even with success, does not give the right to the recognition of the ownership of part or all of the courses in which they are integrated.

Approved curricular units are credited, within the limits set by law and if the holder has or will acquire the status of student of a higher education cycle of studies.

Mandatory Access Documents

Applications are made online on the UAL application portal, accompanied by the following documents:

  • Photocopy of the identity document;
  • Photocopy of the taxpayer number;
  • 1 photograph.

Failure to submit the necessary documents, or their incorrect presentation, will invalidate the application. In case of inaccuracy, the candidate must promote its correction by sending the documents to the email secretaria_alunos@autonoma.pt, for which purpose the candidate number and full name must be indicated. If the necessary corrections or submission of the requested elements are not carried out by the end of the established deadline, the application will be canceled and the candidate will not be placed.

How assessment and certification is done

Enrollment in Isolated Curricular Units may or may not be subject to evaluation. The student enrolled in individual curricular units under assessment regime is subject to the assessment regime existing at UAL.

A certificate can be issued from the use. The successful attendance of isolated curricular units does not confer the right to recognition of part or all of the study cycles in which they form part, nor does it confer the right to the award of a course diploma or academic degree.

Approved curricular units are credited, within the limits set by law and if the holder has or will acquire the status of student of a higher education cycle of studies.


Exclusion of candidates

Candidates who:

  1. They have not filled out their application form correctly, either because they omit some element, or because they indicate others that do not correspond to those contained in the documents delivered;
  2. Do not meet the conditions to submit to the competition;
  3. Have not completed the instruction of the respective processes within the due time;
  4. Make false statements.

Note: The application fee will not be refunded if the candidate is not selected.

For more information call 808 29 29 29 or write to tickets@autonoma.pt


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