Conferência “Psychology 4.0: New Technologies and their impact on the field of Psychology” | 14 janeiro | 18h30 | Online

14 Jan 2021 - 18:30

Rapid technological developments led to significant advances in different fields. New technologies, such as the Internet Of Things or Artificial Intelligence (AI), enable to monitor remotely patients or to learn more about disorders and factors affecting our quality of life, or adapting information to formats that are easily consumed by people. Additionally, AI is also helping scientists to develop innovative drugs (e.g. for Alzheimer) not possible before. Digital and robotic companions have been investigated for different proposes, such as to facilitate children’s learnings or help them to recover from diseases at hospitals. On the other hand, neurological models and psychological theories have also been employed to further promote technological developments, such as to help robots to learn. This presentation will discuss how new technologies are impacting our way of life, and the potential benefits expected for the future.

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Artur Arsenio



Departamento de Psicologia