Conferência Internacional “SEGURANÇA EURO-MEDITERRÂNICA” | 1 de junho | 9h30 | Auditório 1


09h30 – Opening Session
Rector of Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa (UAL), Prof. José Amado da Silva
Director of OBSERVARE-UAL, Prof. Luís Moita
Minister for Home Affairs, Dr. Eduardo Cabrita

10h00 – 1st Panel – Moderator: Carlos Gaspar, IPRI-UNL
Luis Tomé (OBSERVARE-UAL): Euro-Mediterranean security: a broad and diverse agenda
Edoardo Boria (CEMAS-La Sapienza): A Geo-Political Conceptualization of Security and the case of the Euro-Mediterranean Region
Felix Arteaga (Real Instituto Elcano): NATO and EU as stability providers
Paulo Dias (NATO-JALLC): JALLC as the NATO’s Lead Agent for Lessons Learned – NATO’s Global Security

11h30 – 2nd Panel – Moderator: Luís Elias, ISCPSI-PSP
António Costa e Silva (PARTEX): Energy and Geopolitics in the Mediterranean Basin
Brígida Brito (OBSERVARE-UAL): Environmental Insecurity in the Mediterranean basin
Luís Neves (UNCT -PJ): The terrorist threat and counterterrorism cooperation
Ramy Aziz (CEMAS-La Sapienza): “he European’s attitude in the Libyan crisis and its implication on the European security

13h00 – Lunch

14h30 – 3rd Panel – Moderator: Bruno Cardoso Reis, CEI-ISCTE/IUL
Ana Santos Pinto (IDN): The South Mediterranean in the EU Foreign and Security Policy: The challenges of ‘Resilience Diplomacy’
Gabriele Natalizia (CEMAS-Link Campus University): The US Stance toward Russia under Trump.
Competition in the Mediterranean Basin and the Post-Soviet Space
Huseyin Bagci (METU, Turkey): The new emerging mediterranean security environment. Challenges and prospects for Turkey’s
security policies
Felipe Pathé Duarte (OBSERVARE-UAL): Social Media and Violent Non-State Actors in MENA Region
Alexandre Alves Coimbra (ISCPSI-PSP): Constraints and mechanisms of cooperation between the North and the South
of the Mediterranean – police dimension

16h45 – 4th Panel: Moderator: Luís Moita, OBSERVARE-UAL
Constança Urbano de Sousa (OBSERVARE-UAL): Is migration itself a security issue in the Euro-Mediterranean relations?
Nadan Petrovic (CEMAS-La Sapienza): Challenges in migration managament of EU Mediteranean Member States:
countries of transit or destination?
Nuno Lemos Pires (IUM-AM): A mandatory holistic approach in the Euro-Mediterranean area
Andrea Carteny (CEMAS-La Sapienza): Western Mediterranean, migrants’ emergency and security in the 5+5 Defence initiative

18h00 – Closing Session
Diretor do CEMAS, Prof. Doutor Andrea Carteny
Coordenador Científico do OBSERVARE, Prof. Doutor Luís Tomé


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