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Architecture Department

The Architecture Department at Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa was founded in 1998 and is currently an architecture school well-established both at national and at international levels. Our training provides theoretical, technological and cultural knowledge to future architects, lecturers and researchers. Our teaching methodology integrates professional practice and research, since our faculty includes renowned professionals, whose work is nationally and internationally recognized in the fields of architectural projects, art, technology and criticism.
The study plan is divided into two study cycles, in accordance to the Bologna Process. The 1st study cycle is 3 years long, awards the title of Bachelor in Architectural Studies and corresponds to 180 ECTS. The 2nd study cycle is 2 years long, awards the title of Integrated Master in Architecture and corresponds to 120 ECTS.
A research centre -  the Architectural, Urban and Territory Research Centre(Centro de Estudos de Arquitectura, Cidade e Território - CEACT) - is associated to the Architecture Department. CEACT has its own publishing service, several research strands and publishing projects. These services provide extracurricular activities on the city, the territory and on architecture.
The Department has about 230 students and 45 lecturers. The course units Project Workshops are at the core of our teaching methodology.
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